Dean Crouch
Dean's Borsini Acordion


Music and Dance is the universal language of the World . . .

I have tailored my website to cater for all areas of the Irish Dance World, on both a musical and competitive level. My ambition is to cover all the essential requirements and keep up to date with the ever changing world of dance.

Each month I will continue to add new tunes that are in demand and tunes which are popular when I play at Feis' - that are not featured on either of my CD's.

Music has been a strong passion of mine and always will be. The impact I have on Irish Dancing through my own music means a great deal and the fact I can develop my Irish culture further through the music I play is truly rewarding.

Keep up to date with the latest Irish Dance Music, Ringtones, Set Dances and Ceili Tunes.

I hope you use my website to its maximum potential and with your continued support I look forward to updating it regularly and keeping you ahead of the game with all the latest Irish Dance Music.

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Going for Gold
All the Registered ceili dances available by download or mail order.
Grades Speeds
Personalised music for Beginner, Primary and Intermediate Dancers.
Sheet Music
Score of all the set dances available for download or mail order.