Welcome to our online store where you can download Set Dances, Ceili Music, Solo Dances, Sheet Music and Ringtones.

Set dances are available at individual speeds for you to choose from in download format or mail order, as well as
both of Dean's CDs 'Top Box' and 'The Best That I Can Be'.

Tailored speeds for Beginners, Primary and Intermediate Dancers are also available in download format or mail order.

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Going for Gold
Top Box
The Best That I Can Be
Set Dances
Choose Your Set Dances
A variety of speeds on all the Registered Set Dances available for download or mail order.
CD's By Post
Dean, Top Box, The Best That I Can Be, TCRG Examination CD, and custom made CD’s available by post.
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Available Here - You Choose!
All your Irish Dancing music needs in seconds with all tracks available in download format.

Download Ceilis
All the Registered ceili dances available by download or mail order.

Grades Speeds
Downloadable Grade Speeds
Music for Beginner, Primary and Intermediate Dancers.
European Speeds
Sheet Music
Pdf Downloadable Scores
Score of all the set dances available for download or mail order.
Sheet Music
Personalised Music
Custom-made CDs for performances
Tailor-made music to meet your every requirement.
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Dean has specially recorded these unique mp3 ringtones from TOP BOX available here for download at £2.00 each
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